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What’s Your Pocket?

We fill your marketing gaps and boost your revenue without onboarding new employees.

When we think about Marketing – what is top of mind?

Marketing is the differentiator; it is a tool, a “thing” that we produce to make our brand (what we stand for) & company stand out. 

Let me share a story and an “ah-ha” moment… My daughter and I were shopping in a major brand store, here in Lynchburg. I saw a red plaid shirt that I liked… I bought it because fall is around the corner, and I want to feel fashion ready for the brisk air. 

Not thinking twice about the shirt, other than, ” Hey, that’s a cute shirt.” I brought it home and laid it on my dresser – two days later, I pull the tags off and put it on. 

As I pull the shirt down, I noticed extra material on the inside seams; I said to myself, ” why in the world is there so much material on the side of this shirt?” 

And then it happened… my “ah-ha” moment. My red plaid cute shirt (drum roll please…. ) had pockets. Not pockets on the outside of the shirt, but pockets on the side – you know the ones – where you put your hands when you are nervous and need someplace to put your hands.  I don’t know why I am a sucker for pockets. They just give you a sense of purpose – I guess. 

Those pockets, one on either side of the shirt… make this shirt different than the other red plaid shirts in the store. That little detail makes all the difference in the world – I find the brand of the shirt. I know that I will be looking for more clothes from this brand because they “get me.” They understand that little details make the difference. It’s a detail that makes this brand stand out, different. 

Marketing is the tool that is your company and brand’s differentiator. Are you making sure that your company and brand is connecting to ah-ha moments with your customers?  Do you know what details your customers are relating to?