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hush-hush, where should we start first?

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First, let me introduce myself, I am Dara Farrar, and I am a marketing geek at heart. The love and passion of marketing started in highschool from an excellent teacher. Hey, I even was awarded the “Outstanding Marketing Student”… Needless to say, I have been involved in marketing one way or another for over 25 years.

My true passion is helping small businesses and individuals succeed in growing their business. I get so excited working with my clients, why? This is so cliche, but it is sowing seeds and watching them grow.

It’s about working together, listening to what my clients want, and putting a strategic plan in place to accomplish not only the needs but the wants.

Some clients that I have worked with were at their last straw, they wanted their business to be successful, but they did not have the time or sometimes the skill set to create the needed marketing.

There are so many scenarios that I could write about…

  • businesses knowing their goals but unsure how to connect them to a plan
  • businesses having a passion for what they want but not knowing how to make it come to life 
  • or even a business that is on the road of success and they simply don’t have the time

In the next several weeks, I am going to share with you some of my thoughts on marketing, advertising, and promo practices in the current COVID setting. I will try to refrain from using the most common words we are hearing ” in our current environment”  or ” the new normal”.

I look forward to connecting with you here. There will be a “surprise” thrown in the mix, so I encourage you to comment, like, and share my Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/IntegrityDesignMarketing/